Why ProjectFlow is Great

By on July 11th, 2012

On Tuesday, Barrel received a welcomed shout out from Smashing Magazine in a tweet complementing their application, ProjectFlow.

ProjectFlow, true to its name, is a project management tool that helps track progress and tasks. The beauty of ProjectFlow is its simplicity which allows it to serve perfectly from a smaller number of tasks such as a to do list for a bride and groom:

to larger and more complex projects covering a wide timespan such as a real estate agent tracking the status of each of their houses.

In this example the agent places each house under its specified status from meeting potential clients to done deals. ProjectFlow can even serve as a calendar, keeping track of weekly appointments.

On top of its simplicity and adaptability, it is easy to use. Re-ordering elements is done simply by dragging and dropping. But more importantly, ProjectFlow serves as a clean way to view the big picture. It enables its users to visualize each of the steps they must take to complete a project without a visually overwhelming or cluttered display.

True to 37 Signal’s Book Getting Real, ProjectFlow deals with essentials. I know I’m hounding on the simplicity aspect of the app, but I feel that frequently we lose sight of how important this really is. Since the app as a clear purpose, you are able to make the main aspect as close to perfect as possible, rather than making an app with several different aspects that are only mediocre.

Check out ProjectFlow’s Blog¬†and also watch this awesome tutorial Diane made on how to start your own ProjectFlow!

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  1. Betty says:

    Awesome tutorial video, Diane! Really like the color selection tool of projectflow.

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