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By on July 9th, 2012

Qwiki is an app that allows you to make customized presentation using a variety of media sources such as videos, maps and photos uploaded from your computer. Originally I was attempting to make a map zoom-in from outer space to Barrel’s office, but it was very jumpy and not that great. I then switched to making a Qwiki of our internship kick-off party at Silver Lining. A Qwiki seems to be perfect for something like a slide show. It was a little frustrating to use, but the steps to make one seem simple enough:

Step 1.

You easily set up an account and watch a brief tutorial video.  Timing seems to be a little awkward, with a slight lag between the voice over and the image being displayed.


Step 2.

Click that plus sign and start creating. You add all of the content you want your video to contain using the side bar navigation, as well as specify which animation your Qwiki should use.

Step 3.

You Narrate. This is probably one of the more important steps. One of the most unfortunate things about Qwiki is that without a narration the Qwiki does not take time. Your narration must be as long as you want your slide show. This feature hover is useful if you wanted to embed a speech presentation in a website. The recording provides three options, video , text-transformation (your writing is read by a robot), or record your own video to narrate.


Step 4.

Set the Timing. This is by far the most difficult aspect of Qwiki. Its simple in that you just click the content at the time you want it to appear. Its difficult in that its hard to get the timing perfect. Luckily, you can redo it and preview it as often as you want.

The Juan Torres shows some exemplary models of what Qwiki can become when you play with it. However, I couldn’t understand how many of the coolest image transitions are done on Qwiki. I feel that some  images are manipulated and then uploaded to Qwiki, where the transitions are utilized to make cooler effects. Similarly videos provide cool effects and greatly enhance the quality of the video. However, while the video can be from youtube or vimeo, I couldn’t manage to get  these urls to play in the Qwiki, so I’m guessing that actual video content should be uploaded from your computer. All in all Qwiki seems to be a great tool for combining multimedia presentations. However, it appears to me that the individual slides should be made off of Qwiki to achieve the greatest effects. Furthermore WordPress currently strips the iframe of the Qwiki embed so when put into a WordPress post only the link appears.

Dianne and I made a Qwiki solely utilizing the tools that Qwiki Provided, and decided we should dedicate our Qwiki to Tiffany who will be leaving Barrel, and here is the final product:

Play the Qwiki: Goodbye Tiffany!

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