Filling the Keg 0.27

By on June 7th, 2012

We just had our first progress check meeting re: the intern blog yesterday! Here’s the lowdown of what went on. You can also read our first post below, where we gave some brief introductions to ourselves and the beginnings of our internships at Barrel!

Keg v0.0 - Guys, let's not ever forget the WordPress 2011 theme that our blog started off with.

Topic 1: Our name.
We presented on our brainstorm for whimsical, humorous relations to Barrel, and how we ultimately decided upon Keg, singular and capitalized. Traditionally a keg was a wooden container, like a barrel, but now it is more popularly known as the metal contained used to transport and dispense beer. Doing some more research, I’ve discovered that a keg is actually known as a small barrel (according to Wikipedia). How apropos! Like Taylor says, we’ve done a better job of naming ourselves than we originally thought!

Topic 2: Our content.
We want to fully showcase our intern lives at Barrel, documenting our growth, what we’ve been learning, what we’re working on, as well as the fun we’re having, too! Here are some of the things we plan on talking about in our blog: Life at Barrel, Filling the Keg, Tips and Tools, as well as Keg Talks. This post falls within “Filling the Keg”, where we’re going to show you our process in making this blog, pretty much as it happens, live. When we start writing within the other sections, we’ll also introduce their functions more specifically.

Topic 3: Our design.
Our blog is currently operating in a WordPress 2011 layout, which is not particularly eye-catching. As interns at a digital agency that specializes in making websites and digital experiences, how can we possibly let this stand? We’ve already tossed many ideas around surrounding possible logos, typeface use, color scheme, and overall layout design. Here are a few snapshots of what we’ve been experimenting with (Thanks Katie!).

Keg v0.1 - Playing off the simplicity of Barrel's website. Note: we're using the same font for "Keg" as Barrel does for their logo.

Keg v0.2 - Here we added an illustration for dynamism and youth! in the header. The yellow color got some interesting feedback: we had originally planned for some liquid leakage out of the keg via a spigot. Then some of us thought it made the column look like a pint glass with foam and beer underneath, others thought the yellow reminded them of a different liquid...

Keg v0.25 - Keg is big and simple without "We are" in this header, making it easier to read. But the description underneath is still a tad small in size. We opted to stick with this narrow format to optimize reader viewing; we read better in columns!

This has just been a preliminary peek! There’s much more to come as Katie finishes and tweaks the final design. She’ll probably talk more about that. We have since departed from this large header format and are looking to focus on the content of our blog with its design. We’re also working out some technical kinks in our blog at the moment: enabling photo/media upload, creating archive functions within our design, and perhaps integrating social media. Stay tuned!

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