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By on June 20th, 2012

One of the Barrel’s goals is to nurture a strong sense of teamwork and an awesome company culture. This includes a lot of small day-to-day habits like being as helpful as possible, appreciating each other and giving “props” on Dueprops, a playful website that lets you express gratitude.

These habits are solid practices, but sometimes Barrel goes the extra step to make sure everybody here is happy and having fun. Barrel held a Creative Hackathon on May 24/25th. Everybody in the office stopped working on client projects in order to create web apps in teams of four to five (complete with playful names like “Whoop Ass”). These apps were only accessible locally for a little while, but I’m happy to say that they’re now live and ready to be played with!

Team BEST: Barrel Information Center

Team BEST: Barrel Execution Squad Team

Team BEST (Peter, Sei-Wook, Angel, Andrea, and Tiffany) made a Information Center populated with questions and answers about all things Barrel. It also has a game, “What the FLACE,” where you try to match each team member’s photo with where they’re from.

For a while, they couldn’t decide whether to call it Knowledge Base or Information Center, but they finally chose one a few days ago. It’s only open to Barrel employees, but I have some screenshots for those of us that can’t get into the Information Center.

Barrel Information Center Home Page

Questions can be sorted into categories.

What the FLACE matching game

Team Whoop Ass: Barrel Bytes
Team Whoop Ass (Wesley, Molly, Betty, and Jenny) made our Barrel Bytes Sound Board. It’s a board with cut out heads of our team members; when you click on their heads, you’ll hear things they say a little too often. I’ve already given you a sneak preview in a previous post, but now it’s live for you to play with yourself!

If you haven’t already seen it, you should go take a look. Check out Kevin’s elephant sound!

Barrel Bytes Sound Board

You can center in on one person at a time to see all the things they like to say.

Team JCKL: Barrel Eats App

Team JCKL (Jan, Eric, Kevin and Lee) made a Barrel Eats app, but they didn’t get to finish it… yet. The app would help Boram plan meals for lunch and let everybody else know what the menu looks like for the week. Since it isn’t up, here are some design mockups for you.

Barrel Eats Login Page

Dashboard View

Dialog box for Boram to plan meals she wants to cook

Jan also leaked one of his preliminary logo concepts:

Team JEKL's logo concept lights up!

Team Teamsicle: Barrel Central

Team Teamsicle (Yvonne, Marrianne, Matt, Boram) designed and developed Barrel Central, a dashboard that’ll help Barrel team members quickly get to the tools we use to manage our projects, track time, or communicate with one another. It also links to all of the other Creative Days projects, and shows upcoming important dates, like holidays and birthdays, the weather, and design inspiration.

We use Basecamp for project management.

The icons animate when you hover over them.

Team Thor: Barrel Book Club

THOR: Team Hint of Rainbow

Team Thor (Aretha, Zack, Jane, and Patrick), which stands for Team Hint of Rainbow, created an online presence for our existing Barrel Book Club. It provides an easier way to vote for books to be added to the book club and showcases the books that are already on the reading list. It has a list of all the books in our physical library (we have so many more books on our Kindles), separated into categories.

We’re still working out all the kinks (the fill-in-the-blank style form on the front page isn’t functional yet), but you can still explore the app and find out what we’re reading at Barrel.

Barrel Book Club Home Page

If you don't see a book you want to read on the list, you can add it!

Team Thor also had a really good preliminary logo concept.

Team Thor played around with this concept before settling on their current logo.

And that’s all!

We made some cool stuff during Creative Days, but it all happened before my internship started. Hopefully, we’ll get to have another competition while I’m here. I would love to do a “Who can create the worst website” competition.

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  1. Peter says:

    Love the “worst website” competition idea… i think we may just do that one of these fridays… it could be “most annoying website” competition

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