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Is it the end already?

By on August 24th, 2012

It’s been a long time coming, but we celebrated the last day of internship with drinks and food at One Mile House two weeks ago. To commemorate the occasion, we filled out a reverse interview, where we asked Barrel team members submit questions for us to answer. Here it is! Be prepared, it’s long. (Hopefully a photo gallery will come to accompany it soon when our nas gets back up!)

Marianne: Do you have a list of places where you’d reeeeally like to live (or visit) sometime in the future?

Katie: Yes! I would love to visit so many places! I want to backpack all around Europe, and I definitely want to go to Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia. New York will always be home for me, but if I had the money and time, I’d go all around the world.

Diane: Right now, Macchu Picchu is all I’m thinking about. I really want to hike those Incan trails.

Taylor: I’d love to be in Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup. I also want to go stay on a ranch in Montana which is really random, but I love to travel so I’d take any opportunity I can get to go anywhere.

Peter/Jan: What was your favorite project of the internship?

K: I’m really proud of Brink. I had the most creative freedom with this project, and I enjoyed re-branding and re-thinking the website. It’s also great that it was an intern project; Diane, Taylor and I had pretty much full control over the whole thing.

D: Brink, for sure, because we really owned that project ourselves.

T: Brink- seeing the whole process was awesome!

Peter, Betty & Angel: What was the best meal of the internship?

K: Pho! I get really excited every time I see the a of pho containers on the kitchen island. Plus, we get to make all the corny pho puns :].

D: I really loved Boram’s cooking. It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside when she cooks!

T: This is tough- my favorite snack was the Parmesan Garlic Pita Chips. I’m actually addicted to them now. But my favorite meal was probably Mexican because it reminds me of home.

For Katie: Do you remember a particularly inspirational website or work of art that made you want to go into design, or at least one that you saw a long time ago that’s stuck with you today?

K: I have horrible long-term memory so I couldn’t tell you which websites inspired me when I first started tinkering with code (which was when I was like about 10 years old). However, I was completely blown away by the first “parallax-y” website I saw: Atlantis Lost World’s Fair. That was a point where I realized that websites don’t have to be a variation of the same layout grids with headers and footers; they can tell stories and brings users on adventures (without flash)!

For Taylor: Do you feel like you’re a “programming” type? Why or why not? Also, what was the first thing you programmed?

T: In a way yes–I really like problem solving, puzzles and logic and programming consists of a lot of that, but in a way no because for me programming is not about the technology as much as the figuring out how to do things.

For Diane: What was the hardest thing that you had to learn about project management for this internship?

D: The hardest thing was learning how to interact with clients right away, it’s always a bit difficult to get a handle on when to push back, and handle unexpected questions that you haven’t encountered before.

Angel: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

D: To freeze time, so that I could get all the sleep I wanted. Also, so I could really really people watch closely. Did that make any sense, or did it sound creepy?

K: Teleportation! I’m so lazy; the time it takes to get to places is one reason I don’t get stuff done sometimes.

T: Telekineses- I’m thinking its a two in one because not only could i move things with my mind, but I probably could fly too if I moved myself with my mind.

Betty: When was your breakthrough moment? (aka When did you know you were getting comfy among us barrelheads?)

D: Hmm, I can’t really pinpoint anything. Maybe one of many 5-6 o’clock snack sessions, lovely wine and dines?

Peter: Where do you see Barrel going in the next 6 months? In 1 year?

D: This is a tough question. We’ve luckily been able to watch Barrel change while at the internship, moving upstairs, and also new hires coming aboard. I feel like I might not recognize it in a year! I suspect that the way we approach projects, and what Barrel will offer its clients will change and expand. The digital landscape itself is changing a lot.

T: I feel like Barrel has grown so much since we started in June, especially with the launch of ProjectFlow, all the new people and the move. It will be interesting to see if Barrel Spends more time on new apps like Project Flow or continuing expanding their web development, but I suspect Barrel will go far. I just hope I can recognize it when I come visit the new office!

Jan: When and how did you come to be interested in ____________. (i.e web design, coding, etc).

K: I actually thought I was going to be a developer until about three years ago; I started learning HTML/CSS in the fifth grade, on Neopets, and got pretty good at front-end development. I’ve always loved looking at beautiful web design, but I didn’t consider myself “artsy” and I thought I would suck at designing.

It wasn’t until college that I took my first design class and fell in love with it. I realized that I didn’t need to know how to draw to be good at design, and that I wasn’t as bad at the craft as I thought I would be. I’m glad I switched; design makes me happier than coding ever has.

D: Complicated.. I started out as a pre-med major in college until I realized I missed the arts, so then I double majored in Visual Arts/Art History and English Literature. After doing stints all over – in publishing, galleries, and more – I decided that what I wanted to do most was engage with the current world, aka in digital.

T: Well junior year Cornell kept angrily emailing me to pick a major, so that’s when I started coding. I just thought it sounded like an interesting subject to complete a major in since I had already dabbled in so much other stuff.

Betty: What name do you call the glass conference room by? (This one’s for Wook!)

T: Hands down its the baby conf.

K: Baby conf. What else would you call it?

D: Ditto

Jan: What’s the best highlight of your experience at Barrel? (A Barrel moment)

D: Taylor and I getting mauled by ping pong balls daily just sitting at our desks.

Angel: If you could give one piece of advice to another Intern starting out at Barrel or elsewhere, what would you say?

D: Stay interested, and always be curious. Don’t be afraid to express your interests. I’ve always been more of an introvert at heart, so stepping out is always difficult. But it usually pays off, and you could be surprised by some of the responses you get.

K: Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You’re meant to learn during internships, and you’ll do more learning asking for help than trying to seem knowledgeable and amazing at what you do (even though I’m sure you are knowledgeable and amazing at what yo do).

T: Yeah definitely don’t be shy about questions. I always  feel guilty interrupting other peoples work but everyone is happy to help.

Do you have any plans for what’s next?

K: More interning at Barrel! And finishing school as soon as possible. I can’t wait to be done with it.

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